Road Trippin’ the South of Spain 

In light of my recent news that I am moving to Madrid, I thought I would upload my long overdue photos and video made by the talented Gemma de Maria (, from our road trip in the south of Spain. It was just after we finished our exchange in Milano, we were full of happiness from our time in Milan and uncertainty as to what the next six months held (Australia, Milan again or Paris?). So I said arrivederci to Milano and embarked on a 2500 km road trip on the Spanish coast with three of my best friends.

Starting in Madrid, we drove down to Seville and stopped in for the day. As beautiful as it was we were keen to make it to the beach. Off we went to Tarifa, a town famous for its windsurfing, and enjoyed the long surf beaches (which reminded me some what of Australia) and the ridiculously cheap cocktails. We then headed back on the road and continued our road trip to Marbella, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona. In Barcelona we swapped the car for a plane and continued our trip to Ibiza.

Enjoy the photos, there will be more come August after I move my life to Spain.


spain 2Sunset over the beachIMG_0682Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.01.07 PMIMG_3357IMG_0722 copy

IMG_0618 copyIMG_0622spain 3IMG_0625IMG_0044 copyIMG_0626IMG_0627IMG_0629IMG_0633IMG_0635IMG_0636IMG_0638IMG_0639IMG_0651IMG_0653IMG_0657IMG_0672IMG_0675IMG_0680IMG_0681IMG_0683IMG_0673IMG_0689IMG_0699IMG_0712IMG_0719IMG_0722IMG_0674IMG_0624IMG_0724IMG_3160IMG_3161IMG_3162IMG_3163IMG_3165IMG_3166IMG_3167IMG_0678IMG_0694IMG_0705IMG_0702spain

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