What People of the World REALLY think about Australians

I’m from Australia. Yes I have kangaroos and koalas in my backyard, yes I surf and yes, I’m blonde. You’ve got it foreigners, you’ve got us Australians aaaalll figured out. Australians, I’m not sure if you realise it or not but almost everyone around the world is obsessed with the idea of Australia. Us Australians dream about going to the Bahamas, Greece or Hawaii, but people from all corners of the globe dream about one day getting on that ridiculously long flight to Australia. I can say this with the utmost confidence, if I had a dollar for every time someone has told me it’s their dream to go to Australia, I would not be worrying about running out of money in my upcoming ten days in India. Go to Italy for example, if you tell them you’re from Australia they’ll either propose to you (in an attempt to secure an Australian visa) or recite a speech something like this “Ahh Cangaurooo, Harbour bridge, Boundi beech, Mel-bon, Sidny, Caarns! I LOVE AUSTRALIA!” (Imagine a strong Italian accent speaking English). Funny thing is the Italians know everything about Australia but most of them have never been, “it’s just too far.” But like everyone else it’s there “dream to go”.  Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia IMG_3301 IMG_3879IMG_3162 Often when I say I’m from Australia I see fear emerge in people’s eyes. Fear because I must be a ghost who has risen from the dead, because how could anyone possible survive living in Australia, with all our deadly insects and animals. People generally think of Australia as having crocodiles roaming the streets, hungry sharks swimming close to the shores searching for their lunch, deadly spiders and snakes crawling all over our walls. “Well some parts of Australia can be slightly like this, but certainly not in the cities and certainly not Sydney”, I say, trying to convince friends that they won’t die if they come visit. Then there’s the bloody kangaroo thing. A word to all the non-Australians out there: NO we do not own kangaroos, they’re not cute and fluffy, they can actually be really vicious and NO do not expect to see kangaroos in Sydney or Melbourne unless you go to the zoo. One of my favourite pastimes is to tell people who think Kangaroos are cute little household pets that in Australia people eat kangaroos and sometimes even feed it to their dogs. The looks on their faces are priceless. Then you’ve got a certain breed of French that simply aren’t content with following every other European person in being obsessed with Australia. They like to show their individuality and stand out from the crowd. So they choose to be obsessed with New Zealand instead. Next there’s the beloved Americans who are almost ALL obsessed with Australia. Something about the fact that we speak the same language but with a different accent, has them all crazy. Really the amount of times I’ve heard Americans say (I’ve heard a few British say this as well) “oh my god I love you’re accent! It’s sooo cool. Keep talking.” There’s also a common perspective held by Americans and people all around the world for that matter, that Australians are all hot, fit, healthy and bloggers. I love bragging about our Australian winters to anyone from colder counties. One night in Milan I went out to dinner with a bunch of girls from Belgium, The Netherlands, Iceland, Germany and other various cold countries. I showed them the temperature in Sydney at that exact time, which was  the first month of Sydney’s winter and the weather was around 20° the girls LOST THEIR BANANAS. “That’s hotter than our summer” one of them exclaimed. I explained that if I had to wear coats like I did in Europe for a Sydney winter then it probably means global warming has really screwed up the world because it’s simply not normal. I proceeded to show them photos of my local beach, which is only a 10 minute drive from my house, and by the look on their faces I knew I had them hooked on Australia. Two of those girls, one from Germany and the other from Iceland, now want to spend a year living in Sydney after they graduate. IMG_3437 IMG_3715IMG_3487 To the majority of the worlds population Australia is either the place they’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time, or somewhere they’ve visited and were left craving for more. What’s not to love about our chiller lifestyle, beautiful beaches and excellent food from a range of different nationalities. I overheard a Parisian telling a friend of mine about Australia, “if you go to Sydney, you’ll never come back to Paris.” Just as some of us Australian’s (me included) dream to live like the French, they spend their days dreaming about living the life of Australians. This is absolutely true. Once I met a French guy who had lived in Sydney for two years and as they all are, left absolutely obsessed. He had to come back to Paris because his visa expired and he actually suggested we get married so that he can get the Australian passport and I can get the French. I told him I already have a European passport as I’m Irish, whilst politely declining his marriage proposal. IMG_4211IMG_4092IMG_2997 But not all opinions of Australia are 100% positive, there are a small percentage of people that see past our picturesque white sandy beaches. I recently had a conversation with a French woman who lives in Guadeloupe and is married to a Chilean. She spent a few months travelling around Australia before she met her husband and when I asked her about her thoughts, despite thoroughly enjoying her time, she described Australia as ‘a harsh country’. She found our burning sun, dangerous animals and men some what harsh. She commented on the fact that Australians and especially Australian guys like to drink a lot. I’m sure all Australian’s reading this are familiar with our national anthem, “Here’s to (insert name) he’s true blue, he’s a piss pot through and through, he’s a bastard so they say, he tried to go to heaven but he went the other way, he went DOWN, DOWN, DOWN… Siiipppp, siiiippppp…” Yes it’s true, us Australian’s take binge drinking to an all new level.IMG_3726 She also commented on the lack of a gentleman like attitude from Australian guys. “They’re not like Europeans”, she said. Yes, I can vouch for this one. I thought something was seriously wrong with my now boyfriend when he started wooing me by offering me massages, playing romantic music during our dinners at his apartment, taking me to the best restaurant in Paris for our first date, always buying my favourite foods and ensuring they’re in the fridge waiting for me when I arrive, taking me for scooter rides around Paris and walks along the Seine… WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY!? SOME KIND OF PRINCE CHARMING??? I soon realised that Europeans still have the gentleman charm, but you sure as hell would have to search Australia FAR AND WIDE to find an Australian guy acting like such a gentleman. Romance is just not an Australian guy thang. Not only did she find Australian men to be a bit harsh, but she also didn’t quite like the opinions held by some Australians. “I’ve never seen such racism as I did in Australia”. I’ve been asked on other occasions about Australia’s immigration policies. “Why do you send refugees who flee war torn countries by boats to Malaysia to be held indefinitely?” I absolutely agree. We have so much space and such a small population yet we take a very little amount of refugees, and this doesn’t go unnoticed on a world scale. So there you go Aussies, that’s what the peeps of the world really think of you. Overall, it’s pretty damn great. Maybe we can sack Tony Abbott, fix up our immigration policies and it will all be A+ reviews. The main message I’ve received from people around the world, is that the Aussie lifestyle and the country we inhabit, is one of the most desired and dreamed about countries in the world. We’re known to be generally easy-going, cool people, who simply enjoy having a good time. So next time you travel don’t forget to talk loudly. Chances are you’ll be loved and accepted by all once they hear your Aussie accent. Fair dinkum. Mate. – Dedicated to my lovely ‘mate’ Mel Somewhere in the South Coast of Australia

5 thoughts on “What People of the World REALLY think about Australians

  1. That’s almost the exact thing I’ve heard from everyone I met on my travels. Your writings pretty good. Thanks for making me laugh…. btw Australian boys can be just as charming! you never met the right one Lolol

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  2. I liked your writings being sincere and objective, thanks for giving space for different thoughts and sharing such useful information. I believe may people read this before they travel to Australia and they have preunderstanding about the country.


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