Le Premier

People often ask me ‘so where in the world are you now?’  So where am I now? Well in bed in fact. In a beautiful comfy bed, sipping my large soy latte (which I made myself of course, soy lattes are a rare breed in Paris unfortunately) with the Parisian autumn sun filtering in through my balcony window. The view is really something of a dream. It’s quintessential Paris. My balcony looks out onto another typical grey and cream Parisian apartment, with each balcony perfected by cute little burgundy pot plants. Everything about this city encapsulates beauty. Even in the simplest details like the iron balcony railings, I witness beauty and perfection, unmatched by any other place.

image (3)

So, how did a twenty-two year old, born and bred Australian girl, who still has six months left of a law degree in Australia, get to be sitting in her own apartment in Paris’ très chic 16th arrondissement, just a stroll from the Arc De Triomphe and the Champs Élysées, at the start of November, on her way to speaking French like a Parisian, and with a very special Parisian chéri?

Well I’ve created this blog to tell my story, an unfinished story of travel and adventure, destiny and chance. With a little bit of me, and a lot about the world, you’ll be taken on an adventure around Europe. You’ll be given an insight into what its like to live in Italy’s Milan and France’s capital, Paris. You will laugh hysterically at the many cultural clashes and language mishaps that have caused me numerous embarrassing moments and funny adventures. I hope to help inspire some of your future trips, and aid in the planning of your adventures, through numerous travel photos, stories and recommendations. Stay tuned.

With love,


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Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.01.27 AM

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